Wild Zero Studios

Wild Zero is proud to announce a new artist joining us!! Please stop by and see BRADDOCK’s work!! Call to make a consultation or swing in on a sunday to grab a walk-in!!

We are open Mon-Fri for appointments and walk-ins,and do walk-ins only on Saturdays and Sundays. Please give us a call at 304-413-0229 and we would be more than happy to set something up for you.

Every Saturday and Sunday , Wild Zero hosts Same Day Walk-Ins all day. On Walk-In weekends, we do exclusively walk ins on a first come, first served basis. Bring your small, ready to go designs or pick something off the walls. Doors open at 11am-9pm Sat, 12-6 Sun. The earlier you arrive, the better. If you have any questions pertaining to Same Day Saturdays, give us a call at 304-413-0229 or message us on our business Facebook page.

We no longer perform piercing services at Wild Zero Studios.

We have opened up a Merchandise/Gift Card page at www.wildzerotattoos.com to allow our clients to purchase discounted gift cards and shirts. These proceeds will go towards helping the shop and crew weather the storm.

Link is the first link on our LINKS page.

You can also check in with us and our artists on instagram:


Christos: www.instagram.com/christos_tattoos/

Braddock: www.instagram.com/tattoosbybraddock/

Eric: www.instagram.com/eric38carlson/

Hyde: www.instagram.com/chainscity

Zeb: www.instagram.com/electriczeb